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Because the forums have gotten lame

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Because it got lost in like, 3 seconds -_-

I have thus far, not voted for anything. Not voting seemed to be the best option with all the fighting going on.

I think I’m going to vote no though and here’s why.

Should the lineart be updated? Absolutely! Get that art theft out of here so there’s no more questions about the integrity of the site!
Should we update the horses & ponies from 2009-2010 so they match the current lines?
No. Equi’s horses are more dainty, like arabians. Most of equi’s designs would look very strange on Yul’s design.
As awesome as the updated ponies look, I don’t like the new draft over the old one overall so that’s 2/3 ‘don’t like’ for me.
Something about the eyes in an equi horse gives it more personality but I love the realistic lines that Yul’s has.

Either way, I would much prefer equi’s horses to have different lines than the current. It would mean more work for the item artists, but it would cut down equi’s lines to one per horse/pony/draft instead of two each.

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